Surgery anyone???

Josh's foot hurt so he had a nerve taken out.
Kara gave away a kidney. Keven's cousin in Tennessee needed a kidney so of course Kara offered one of hers.
Kevin had his clavicle fixed after a long boarding accident. Following story told by Kevin.

"So here is the story. I was out longboarding on this nice trail when all of a sudden Ginger and I stumble across two men committing a grisly murder. I quickly bound into action. At a speed most people would consider inhuman I was on my long board. By the time the criminals looked up Ginger was standing there with the dogs and I was 1/4 mile down the trail. I guess my escape was a little too fast because the board started to squirrel. Left, right, left, right, and then one hard left and I found myself trying to run at a pace I couldn't handle. Down I went on my shoulder and head. Thankfully I was wearing a helmet. By the way if anyone hears from Ginger, have her call me."

No more surgeries PLEASE!

Christmas 2010

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas. We had such a great time together!!! Everyone was there. Miracle!

Thanksgiving 2010

Papa, why the long face? Nate are you scared? Meggie are you an angel? Kara finished her entire plate. Yes it was cold (like -16) and that's why all the beannies. Yes the kids are locked in the basement so we could enjoy our meal. Nothing like a Forsyth Thanksgiving.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving this year. We missed Kevin who was working hard and Ginger who was in Guam.

Hazel turns one!

Well her birthday is really on Tuesday, but we celebrated and it was so much fun. The kids were giggling so hard and it was fun to see them starting to interact and play together. Hazel, you are beautiful and we love your smile. We can't wait to see you again and maybe we can even go trick or treating together.

Happy Birthday Grandma

Fun events lately...Ella's dance recital, Meggie's birthday, new horse tire swings, Grandma's birthday, and fishing with uncle Keven. We love being part of this family! Grandma and Papa, thanks for starting this whole thing.

Quick family update...
David is working the parades this summer as Cinder Britches the clown.
Kathleen is back at work in the recovery room at the hospital after a break getting some new knees.
Keven and Kara moved into Grammy Forsyth's old home.
Hazel is growing up fast. She is so darling and watches her cousins every movements.
Josh is finishing his BSN from BYUI online and will be done mid July.
Amy is 34 weeks pregnant with the 3rd boy and is counting the minutes.
Ella, Preston and Luke are having fun together now that Ella and Preston are out of school for the summer.
Jonathan is in Egypt perfecting his Arabic and will be there until August.
Nate and Megan live next door to Mom and Dad and are working hard.
Megan is back in school and they both work night shifts.
Kevin is home from Afghanistan!!! We love you Kev, welcome back!
Kevin and Ginger moved into a place in SLC. Finally back together after a long tour apart.
Kate is working hard at Gunnies Western Wear and is being the funnest auntie ever!

Family Pictures

Everyone in the family was in town so we decided to take some family pictures. It is always an adventure but it was really fun to be together and laugh at trying to get everyone to look at the same place at the same time!!!

Party on!!!

We've been having some fun lately! Kara had a birthday in February and Josh's in March. We've eaten Pizza, burgers, salads and ice cream...yes very healthy. And the best news is that Kevin is home for a brief visit before returning to Afghanistan to finish his tour. I'm going to get a little cheesy and just go ahead and say it, "I love this family!!!" Let's keep this up!

Kevin (Wookie) Forsyth

I was just thinking about Kevin today decided that I wanted to tell everyone how proud of him I am. Kevin in serving in the Army in Afghanishtan. He is such a great example to all of us of selfless sacrifice and true patriotism. He loves our country and we love him. Kevin, thank you for all you do. Be safe and come home soon!